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Saudi coalition air raids Month by Month, Day by Day


Luftangriffe der saudischen Koalition Monat für Monat, Tag für Tag



There are major day by day compilations at the websites http://www.yamanyoon.com/?cat=305&lang=en and https://www.facebook.com/Legal-Center-for-Rights-and-development-551288185021551/timeline or http://www.lcrdye.org/Eng/PageList.aspx?id=19, covering a large part of the Saudi aerial war which started on March 25, 2016. I will try to more complete these data


Some remarks: The data complied there seem to be quite sound, nevertheless, 1) there are air raids which are illustrated by film or photos and which are missing; 2) in the periods covered by the websites, several days at which air raids had taken place are fully missing; 3) there are periods without any summing up daily records 4) as there have been recorded different figures of people who were killed and injured, those who compiled these data had to take figures they thought to be the most probable ones; for single incidents, you thus might find also higher or lower figures



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